Our values

 Let's give meaning to your holidays


We talk to you more and more about slow-tourism, green tourism, eco-responsible, virtuous, united, ethical... but what is hidden behind these beautiful labels?

At Eden en France, we first want to give meaning to your holidays.

At a time of major planetary movements that are raising awareness to change our lifestyles and consumption, we put all our know-how at your service to offer you stays that lead to the construction of a fairer, more equitable world. and respectful.


Eco-responsible, we are! In addition to the daily commitments to reduce the use of all our natural and energy resources (water, paper, electricity, etc.) in the agency, we are developing adapted trips to France transport that has a low carbon impact: the use of the train, cycling, hiking. A local transfer service can be set up on request and thus limit your ecological impact while making your life easier!


Solidarity and ethics, we want it! We select service providers committed to an environmental approach, but also anchored in the desire to share, to make known to better understand and thus better respect. We wish through our stays to allow you to support a local economy, which sustains jobs and families.


Slow tourism, we create it for you! For all those who have the time or who wish to take it! We imagine for you flexible programs according to your desires, your favorites to give you time to immerse yourself, to let go... to enjoy!


Because sometimes a radius of 100 km is enough to make you vibrate differently, trust us to fulfill your desires for getaways to discover your environment!


Membre de l’association DMC Alliance,

véritable réseau d’experts du Tourisme Made in France, nous avons la connaissance pointue de nos domaines d’activité et de nos territoires. Nous travaillons en circuit court avec un réseau affûté de partenaires : hôtels, restaurants, lieux de visites, guides, artisans, loueurs de véhicules, etc. Ceci nous permet d’offrir des prestations originales et à très forte valeur ajoutée.

Let's define your trip together!

Définissons ensemble votre voyage!